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Highlighted Features of MB WhatsApp APK 1.2

Dual Accounts

Dual Accounts

In the digital age, the use of WhatsApp is irrespective of other applications. It has become a daily necessity for millions of users. One of the main impediments we usually experience with this official WhatsApp is the need for binary accounts on the same Android. All we want is the privacy of personal numbers, and we want to contact with a separate number without any disturbance. Using two MBWhatsApp Pro accounts is a good idea to handle concerns and issues on the same Android. Therefore, thanks to mb ios WhatsApp, you can enjoy these amazing features.

IOS/UI Themes And Interface

IOS/UI Themes And Interface

From the concept of WhatsApp, MBWA is to provide an iOS experience to Android users. In this app, dark and light themes are available to apply. Anyhow, it also supports some third-party themes.

Freeze You Last Seen

Freeze You Last Seen

It is similar to the other WhatsApp versions. MBWA lets you freeze your remaining visual fame, taking it into discussion through discreet online communication with buddies and a group of relatives. Circle Message and unsaved number A very helpful function of MB WhatsApp Pro is the capacity to send messages to unsaved numbers. When saving contacts is impossible, time is restrained, and you immediately input the number in your mobile contacts.

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Password Protected

Password Protected

MB WhatsApp Official presents an in-built lock feature. It allows you to safeguard your photos, important statistics, and private messages from prying eyes. You can set up additional fingerprint locks, security measures, locks, passwords, or PINS for contacts and chats. By uninstalling them additionally, the app gives recovery alternatives to retrieve forgotten passwords or pins.
 In Wamods, most of the stickers won’t work with it. That’s the reason why Stefano YG made a separate app for users like us. It can be downloaded through the WhatsApp MB APK setting.

Auto Reply

Auto Reply

In settings, you can add pre-written to this auto-reply box the same contact groups that will be sent to you. You can customize it with a lot of specific contacts or with external people sending it that you don’t know.

Hide Contact

This is a very helpful feature when you want to take a screenshot and hide the contact information from others. To hide details, just tap on the contact or group when you are on the chat page.

Who Blocked You?

Do you want to know who blocked you? Sending messages to others in MBiOS lets you see the list of contacts blocking you. MB Preferences >> Just open the settings.

Notify Preferences

 You will be notified by MB WhatsApp iPhone when someone is typing a message for you online, reading, changing your profile, sending a message, or seeing your status. With these options, you can also customize it.

Sticker manager

In WAMODS, most of the stickers won’t work with it. That’s the reason why Stefano YG made a different app for users like us. It can be downloaded through the MB Whatsapp app setting.

Hide chats

In Wanna to chat secretly? Just a few mint-press the chat and tap the three-dot menu to find the hide chat option. Add it and just select a pattern, pin, or fingerprint. Access these chats by clicking and tapping on them. By typing the gear icon on the hidden chats page, you will get any notifications in the status bar until you build it.

Message Scheduler

For your contacts, scheduling messages is an app. Send the message at a particular time and date that you’ve set, and it will automatically be done. Sending the same message to multiple contacts even helps you with it.

Hide Last Seen

Hide Last Seen

In Wa MB, Not of your contacts/friends have any idea when you last opened WhatsApp. Under your name, it hides the time and date.


In APK MB WhatsApp, taking backups manually is a very important thing to do, but Google Drive does not support it. Automatic backups are also offered daily.

Hide Media From Gallery

Hide Media From Gallery

Hide your photos, including media, audio gifs, or videos from the gallery. When you show your default gallery application, it restricts media from it.


MB WhatsApp iOS APK is phenomenal for timely updates. Our apps will receive the most recent updates within a week of releasing their WAMODS. Always the latest version update.


The latest versions of MBWA iOS and Fouad iOS 9.98 come with the same anti-ban introduced in the Fouad MODs measures. For better security, always update your app.

download mb whatsapp
  • Step 1. Download or install the latest official MBWA iOS APK from this page.
  • Step 2. Download the APK file through any file manager, then tap on it to navigate.
  • Step 3. You will be asked to enable the unknown sources option. If you are new to APK installation, just enable it.
  • Step 4. If you have performed the enabling unknown sources step, click on the APK file again.
  • Step 5. Click on the Install option.
  • Step 6. Open WhatsApp and enter your mobile number to get an OTP. Login to your MB account.
  • Pros 1 Easy to use
  • Pros 2 Millions of themes
  • Pros 3 Up to sharing 1GB of media
  • cons 1 You need to update it manually.

Yes, MB WhatsApp is safe to use on Android devices.

MB WhatsApp updates are improved versions of WhatsApp.

To update the MB mods WhatsApp iOS, download and install the most recent file.

Yes, the user can use the two accounts at the same time.

Go to the MBWhatsapp setting>>MB Preferences>>Universal>>Backup and Restore.

The developer of MB WA is Stefano YG.

Yes, and it is easy to use.

Final Words

After using MBWhatsApp Android, I hope that you will be able to customize your Android device and iPhone user to resemble it. If you do need an update on MB WhatsApp Mod APK 2024, check again, please.