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Changelog of MB WhatsApp

If you wish to use the old version of MB WhatsApp, don’t worry; you are in the right place. MB WhatsApp Old versions of MBWA, such as 9.96, 9.93, 9.90, 9.83, 9.82.1, 9.82, 9.81, 9.80, 9.76, 9.75, 9.72, 9.71.1, 9.71, 9.66, 9.64, have unique but outdated MBWhatsApp features. You may want to use old MB WA versions on your outdated Android device.

MB Whatsapp old versions

Download MB WhatsApp Old Versions

Using the latest version of MB WhatsApp is always suggested, but you may certainly like to experience the old WhatsApp versions from 2019, 2022, 2023, or 2024. Just click on the button below and try the WhatsApp iPhone MB.

MB WhatsApp Version 1.0 APK

Big Update of mb wa 1.0:

This is a fresh version of MB WhatsApp, based on YMWhatsApp. So, this most recent version of MB WhatsApp 2024 does not include all of the previous features.

New version 1.0

  • Base: YM v37
  • What’s news in 1.0
  • Simple customization
  • New: PopUp iOS (turn it on in the settings)
  • Added: verification before sending a sticker
  • Added: Double reaction on double tap (double tap any message)
  • Future updates will include more features and improvements.

MBWhatsApp v9.96 Version detail

MB WhatsApp Old Version 9.98

  • Base: Fouad 9.95
  • What’s news in 9.96

MB iOS Version 9.93

  • New base
  • Unique: Ghost Mode
  • Some UI redesigns
  • Addition: Update connected devices’ statuses
  • Enabled: Channels
  • Activated: Only send voice notes once
  • Allowing multiple accounts to be used on the same devices
  • other things I forgot.

WhatsApp MB Version 9.83

  • floating shortcuts to post a status
  • Added a help and tip list (select the settings icon)
  • Fixed: The text online did not adopt the primary color
  • Fixed: Unable to reply to a status using stickers
  • Some layouts fixeds

WhatsApp MB iPhone Version 9.82.1

  • Fixed ussue in android 7/8 and others.
  • Fixed: Audios were shown as played (In light theme)

MB WhatsApp iOS APK Version 9.82

  • New base
  • New way to set up custom reactions
  • Return to Old layout
  • Toast working
  • Fixed: Some icons
  • Fixed: Sticker
  • Fixed some bugs

MB iOS WhatsApp Version 9.81

  • New base
  • Fixed: Customize calls/video calls
  • Fixed: Save theme
  • Fixed: Sticker size
  • Fixed some bugs

iOS WhatsApp Version 9.80

  • New base
  • Exclusive: New PopUp
  • Added: Change background dialog
  • Added: Disable new PopUp (MB Preferences / Conversation screen)

MB WhatsApp App Version 9.76

  • Resolved: After using the video messages, downloaded pictures, videos, and status updates were not visible.

APK MB WhatsApp Version 9.75

  • Base: Fouad 9.74E

MBiOS Version 9.74

  • Tablet mode compatible
  • Fixed: Date expiration
  • Fixed some other bugs.
  • Some fixes in the interface

WhatsApp MB APK Version 9.71.1

  • New base
  • One tap Blur
  • Some emojis updated
  • Fixed: Sticker size
  • Fixed: Multimedia HD OR SOME OTHER

Version 9.66

  • Fixed: Sticker size
  • Fixed: Status in profile
  • Some fixes in the interface
  • Others fixes

Version 9.64

  • Base: Fouad 9.63
  • Fix play protect error

MB WhatsApp Android Version 9.63

  • Base: Fouad 9.63
  • Other Antiban
  • Edit messages
  • Improved: Custom font
  • Minor fixes or many bug errors fixed.

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